BLISSPALS Tanzania Limited

BLISSPALS Tanzania Limited (BTL), a private company owned by shareholding, registered in Tanzania Mainland in August 2014 with Reg. No. 111002 and TIN 127-457-220. BLISSPALS is the first of its kind in Tanzania, bringing in private sector into elderly care with multidisciplinary approaches for quality ageing, ranging from medical, social, nutritional, psychological, spiritual, and physical care and support; to ensure quality ageing.

• BLISSPALS vision is to ensure “Quality Ageing”. BLISSPALS mission is; “Promoting quality life, holistic care and pleasure among the elderly in Tanzania; supporting them in attaining their basic health, social and nutritional needs and in enjoying the aging process with physical, emotional, social and psychological assurance at acceptable standards”.

• BLISSPALS intends to create pals for older people and enhance quality ageing and friendship among themselves. Main beneficiaries for BLISSPALS are the senior citizens and their social networks.

• BLISSPALS is geared at improving health and social networking among the senior citizens

• BLISSPALS therefore, shall promote quality ageing through three core functions: SERVICES: focusing on health care support, nutrition/dietetic care, social entertainment and spiritual support services for the elderly.

• BLISSPALS promotes outreach services i.e. providing services at clients’ residences and in their community settings and also onsite at BLISSPALS centres; residential care (assisted living facility) in a dedicated Centre for those in need and social entertainment. Outreach services shall include provision of a trained professional and/or caretaker and/or escort services such as for hospital appointments, shopping and the like. Caretakers assigned for outreach will be oriented and undertake the assignment under supervision of a specialist from BLISSPALS.

• BLISSPALS shall also facilitate linkages and setting up appointments to appropriate medical specialties as need arise. Residential care (assisted living facility) will be solely for those in need, and will be offered at designated facilities that have special arrangement with BLISSPALS as on-the-site care services. These include provision of residential care (accommodation with self-contained rooms with basic services), basic health checkups; psycho social care, dietary guidance, spiritual support and recreational services. Residential care for the elderly will only be available for those in need of temporary shelters for various reasons.

• Social entertainment will be organized regularly for promoting social networking and get- together for the elderly with their families and friends. These are age-friendly social gathering/recreational events accompanied with inspirational and health talks and various entertainment.

• TRAINING: Range of training packages for various cadres on elderly care. Various training will be packaged and tailored to benefit different categories- to include medics, nurses, nutritionists/dieticians, social workers, families/informal caretakers, and institutions.

• RESEARCH & CONSULTANCIES: Research will be part of our work through partnerships, linking up with various research institutions, conducting studies that encompass older people’s health care, nutrition psycho social support and the like. BLISSPALS will be available to conduct consultancy works in similar and related disciplines.

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