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Thursday, March 28 · 11:00am - 1:00pm

Why We love Data


Design Thinking: Conceptualize your Ideas with an African user in mind


The objective of this session is to communicate and explore design thinking as an emerging approach to problem solving (development of new ideas, business models and programs) that takes a system perspective to unpacking pain points and reconstructing them from a user’s perspective.

Discussions will include problem re-framing, the use of ethnographic or generative research tools for exploring problems, the use of visualization for understanding research outcomes, and prototyping for testing assumptions developed before implementing validated solutions.

Additionally, in this session a community of practice focusing on data driven innovations will be unveiled and endorsed by the Tanzania Data Lab.


Organizer Name: Agapiti Manday

Mzizima Room , Tanzania Data Lab (dLab), Bagamoyo Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Organizer name

Tayamika Mattao

Tanzania Data Lab (dLab)
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Contact host


Chepkemoi Magdaline

Founder and Executive Director of EldoHub and Co-founder of Techstarlets

Jabhera Matogoro

University of Dodoma
Assistant Lecturer and the Coordinator of Microsoft Innovation Center at the University of Dodoma and Mentor of Data for Local Impact Innovation Challenge (DLI)

Christof Hawle

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