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Wednesday, March 27 · 9:00am - 11:00am

TUDARCo Innovation Pedagogy

The idea of innovation pedagogy of TUDARCo is to activate Higher Education to collaborate with local communities, private and public sector, NGO’s and government authorities. The basis of the idea are active learning and teaching methods where real working life is connected to the higher education, enabling collaboration across sectors.  The Innovation Pedagogy model includes the idea of Reverse Innovation, where small ideas collected from Micro Entrepreneurs are elaborated in multidisciplinary student teams, in continuous interaction with entrepreneurs and lecturers. The collaboration enables the generation of local innovations to meet the local needs and ensures the sustainability in Tanzania.

TUDARCo is a pioneer in the Higher Education Institution sector, implementing a totally new, bold and innovative cooperation method. Active learning equals to community learning, where theory and practice are applied in concrete actions so the whole process is a result of collaborative learning than traditional lecture based learning.

The goal of the TIPE Event is firstly to inspire audience, secondly disseminate and root the idea of active pedagogy where local community, students, teaching and staff members are engaged to generate new innovations and learn. Finally the goal is to support access and use of information in elaborating innovations in the community.


BUNI TWO , Buni Innovation Hub, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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Getrude Ntulo


Ritva Hyttinen

Turku Univesity of Applied Sciences, Finland

Nancy Macha


Gideon Enock


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