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Tuesday, March 26 · 11:00am - 1:00pm

Side Hustle to the Real Deal. What’s driving entrepreneurs forward and what’s holding us back?

Do you get up in the morning to support entrepreneurs to grow their business to scale? Are you already a dynamic entrepreneur hustling hard to turn your business dream into a reality? Or, are you already running a successful business, and you want to share what got you there, and the lessons you learned along the way? Do you want to play a part in breaking down barriers and sharing opportunities that elevate entrepreneurs to the next level?

We will consider:

  • Why is the side hustle so prevalent in Tanzania?
  • How can we support entrepreneurs to go from side hustle to real deal?
  • Are there social barriers and cultural norms putting entrepreneurs off formalising their businesses? What are these barriers?
  • Do women or youth face unique challenges and opportunities?
  • How can the private and public sector work together to take down barriers?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, or represent a public or private sector entrepreneur support organisation, this event will consider some of the questions on how and why we can grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tanzania.  We want to hear from you, the entrepreneurs and ESOs. We’ll begin with crowdsourcing the barriers and opportunities, and successes of your businesses. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your challenges and questions online, anonymously before and during the event. 

Only through collaboration can entrepreneurs access everything they need to grow thriving businesses, so let’s make it happen.

Anza Hub , New Safari Hotel, Boma Road, Arusha

World Cafe

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Ani Cammack

Senior Fundraising Manager

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