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Thursday, March 28 · 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Prospects of Open Education Resources (OERs) in Tanzania Education System: Stakeholders’ perceptions and roles

There exist so many Open Education Resources (OERs) freely available for use. However, teachers in the Tanzanian context are not aware of them and they do not know how to create their own OERs, use, re-use, adapt and distribute the existing OERs. Teachers are also not aware of the licensing and attribution of the existing OERs. The innovation week session under this category will create awareness about OERs and OER repositories to teachers at different levels of education and other educational stakeholders. The event participants will get an opportunity to retrieve OERs from the some repositories and discuss the relevance of OERs and how they can be integrated in the Tanzania Education system . 

Specific questions to be addressed under the discussion forum:

1.      How do teachers and the stakeholders perceive OERs? Do teachers use OERs? Why or Why not? What is the relevance of OERs in our education system?

2.      What opportunities OERs bring into the Tanzania Education System? How can the opportunities be implemented, sustained and scaled up in the Tanzania Education system?


3.      Can OERs be integrated in our education system? How can OERs be integrated in the Tanzania Education System? Who are the key actors? What will be their role?


4.      What are the challenges of integrating OERs in our education system? How can the challenges be addressed?

To benefit the most from this session, the session attendees should bring with them a laptop with internet connection. This will facilitate the retrieval  of OERs from the existing repositories. 

You are all welcome!

BUNI One , Buni Innovation Hub, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Organizer name

Dr. Katherine Fulgence

FSSS Association
Resource person on Open Education Resources

I am a teacher educator at the University level with specialization in graduates' employability and Read more

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Doreen Mushi

The Open University of Tanzania

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