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Wednesday, March 27 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Innovative Grant-Making for Big Impact Opportunities

In an ideal world, grant-makers and smaller private funders are capable of absorbing risks in supporting innovative work. They have the flexibility to fund pilots/ideas at the grassroots level, which allows for experimentation but often requires big leaps of faith. Calculated bets like these, however, can then provide the evidence base that bigger players need in order to invest. What if an early-stage organization/idea was given flexible financing and a viable support system in order to learn and be ready for big opportunities? We will discuss what this looks like in practice when smaller funders, grassroots organizations, and larger funders can collaborate for outsized results.

Mainhall - COSTECH , COSTECH, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

World Cafe

Organizer name

Gidibo Tindwa

Segal Family Foundation

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Ellen Mndima

Executive Director

Kilines Elizabeth Sekwiha

Queen Elizabeth Academy Mlali
Founder and Director

Eric Massinda

Program Manager

Lineth Masala

Msichana Initiative

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