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Wednesday, March 27 · 8:00am - 6:00pm

Invite only: Hub Managers Workshop

Full Day hubs only workshop. 

The objective of the workshop is to provide hub managers an opportunity to discuss current challenges in the ecosystem, share experience how they can tackle them, share ideas how they can build a better and stable ecosystem (enhancing collaboration between hubs),  hubs sustainability and insights on creation and execution of events, programs and workshops.

Event Schedule:

0830 to 0930 - OMDTZ Presentation

0930 to 1000 - Tea Break

1000 to 1300 - Hub Managers Roundtable

1300 to 1400 - Lunch

1400 to 1500 - Gender and Hubs

Seedspace , Seedspace Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Organizer name

Mohamed Shellimoh

Seedspace Dar es Salaam
Community Manager

Passion with technology & entrepreneurship and committed to help the Tanzania and Africa innovation Read more

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  • Mar 25 - Mar 30, 2019
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