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Tuesday, March 26 · 9:00am - 11:00am

Her Innovation 2019

Ndoto Hub brings you ‘Her Innovation’ series of event; that is a platform for young women with innovative solutions to learn and network with their potential clients and other entrepreneurs so as to create more opportunities for themselves. By the highlighted Principles for Digital Development, the principle of ‘Design with a user’ provides Ndoto Hub cohort members (women entrepreneurs) an opportunity to design their solutions with their users (clients or participants of the event).

Apart from the prevailing challenge facing the businesses to grow and scale, there are so many problems that women do face in penetration of their innovations in the market. Let alone knowledge and funding opportunities to grow business, it is also challenging for women to make it to the top. The question is; ‘How can entrepreneurs sustain their innovations/business solutions’? ‘Are they overstepping/overlooking some procedures? Or what is the issue?

So, our Her Innovation 2019 that is honored to be co-hosted with HDIF will focus on the topic and issues around gender and business sustainability. We are excited to call upon various experts in business and leadership, entrepreneurs, government, business stakeholders and development partners to discuss and share solutions regarding this matter. As well as networking and having fun.


Ndoto Hub , Ndoto Hub, Paaking Street, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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Tulinagwe Mwampanga

Ndoto Hub
Programs Manager

Tully is a vibrant young woman who is passionate about youth and women economic development. While s Read more

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