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Monday, March 25 · 8:30am - 5:00pm

Gamifying The Future Cities Tanzania

We want to encourage young people in Tanzania to use game thinking as a tool to address everyday challenges and realize their own visions for Africa’s future. During the event,You will get a chance to be introduced to the game called #unleash that was developed by Tanzanian game developers, IT experts, storytellers and other professionals, as well as the prototype of the mega-game the basic story of the Enter Africa “Megagame” – is a board game that connects elements from all participating countries of the Enter Africa project.You use kingdom’s specific features and magical powers to promote your culture and lead a successful society. At the end of the event,you will have a knowledge about the Enter Africa project and network and an understanding on how Gamification can be used to actively shape urban development and a better future, about current technologies and inclusive as well as sustainable innovations in Tanzania. The event serves as a platform to individuals, stakeholders, experts and funders for networking and exchange.

Dialogue space

         1. Guiding question: Can games make a better future?

         2. How to network and engage with stakeholders, experts etc. in the long term

         3. Exploring technologies, sustainable innovation ecosystems and inclusive innovations in     

             Tanzania.Inclusivity, accessibility and promotion to equal opportunities in Gaming

How to create a game?

          - Explaining concepts and processes (Game Essentials )

          - Playtopia: Playing of the local game #unleash and the mega-game

Goethe Institute , Goethe-Institut, Aly Khan Road, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Organizer name

Rahma Seleman Jumanne

Enter Africa
Administrating and coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task for Enter Africa Project.

My name is Rahma Suleiman Jumanne Excited that I will be hosting in this exhilarating Innovation Wee Read more

Contact host


Ntonsite Mwamlima

AccessBank TZ LTD
Software Developer

Anaeli A Kihunrwa

Africa Institute For Digital Innovation

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