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Friday, March 29 · 8:30am - 12:30pm

Invitation only: Education in 2030

Anousheh Ansari (CEO XPRIZE) and Dr. George Mulamula (CEO DTBi) will facilitate this visioning, strategizing and goal-setting workshop.

The workshop follows the Global Learning XPRIZE 15-month pilot, which has tested offline, automated software applications on tablets with 2700 children in Tanga region, Tanzania to identify which of the 5 software applications tested allows out-of-school children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. The project is designed to be open source, global, and multilingual so that at its conclusion, the winning technology can become a resource for Tanzania (and the world) to build upon.

There will be award-winning ed tech startups from Tanzania, who will first present their solutions and share their vision to creating an inclusive, innovative and equitable education system. We will then collectively envision how the education system in 2030 in Tanzania should be designed to promote SDG4, inclusive and quality education for all. Once we have a dream, we will work towards practical recommendations on how to achieve this vision. We will close with a panel session with, where thought leaders will share their key takeaways to guide us forward.

 We are looking forward to envisioning forward-thinking, scalable solutions to achieving SDG4 by 2030 in Tanzania, leading the way for the rest of the world to adopt their own models.


Seedspace , Seedspace Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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Elianne Philibert


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George Mulamula


Anousheh Ansari


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