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Thursday, March 28 · 11:00am - 1:00pm

Create with the user in mind


A lot of people are looking at technology as a way to solve their communities problem, however not everyone is tech savvy in most of our communities , so how do you create a solution that will help these people solve their problems ? you simply create the solution while thinking of the end user. 

We at SADAKA network will showcase how our system works and how we have interacted with the cellular companies hence giving the end user an already known and easy to use method which have systems integrations, that had we chosen to give the end user, they would not know how to access it. There is a need to train the participants on the importance of checking each step of the development and using sample clients to test and get feedback so that the end user is always there to guide you on how they want the solutions to look like. We will have a panel that will discuss how accessible are innovative solutions in Tanzania . 

Rotunda Hall , COSTECH, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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Viola Massawe

SADAKA Network
project manager

VIOLA JULIUS born and raised in Tanzania IS A PROJECT MANAGER AT SADAKA NETWORK as a project manage Read more

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