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Tuesday, March 26 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Are we Ready for School?


Innovation week will accommodate EQUIP Tanzania together with other organisations /entities to showcase different innovations. This year the programme will showcase School Readiness Programme (SRP).

The Tanzania Institute of Education and EQUIP-Tanzania with support from the Aga Khan Foundation developed the School Readiness Programme (SRP) in 2015. It aims to help improve children’s school readiness, particularly those from rural areas who cannot access pre-school due to long distances and where Kiswahili language use in the home is particularly low. It is a 16-week programme that focuses on developing oral communication skills, confidence in the classroom and socio-emotional competencies. SRP complements national efforts to expand formal pre-schools in the longer term.

The session  would also be able to show the scale of the SRP and look at how it can be replicated across the LGAs in which we work and also in other parts of the country., and how how the SRP can be used as an entry point for other services.


BUNI One , Buni Innovation Hub, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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EQUIP Tanzania
Improving quality of programme in Tanzania especially in early primary education

Quality at the Heart of our Classrooms:<br /> UKAID-funded EQUIP-Tanzania supports improvements in 5,000 Read more

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