Tulinagwe Mwampanga

Ndoto Hub
Programs Manager

Tully is a vibrant young woman who is passionate about youth and women economic development. While she was still pursuing her bachelor's degree as a full-time student in 2015, she successfully won a challenge and got the opportunity to intern at Shule Direct for two months. Tully noticed that as successful as Shule Direct is, it was leaving out an important demographic of out-of-school young people who also needed to access knowledge and relevant information for their personal and professional growth.

At just 22 years of age, Tully managed to establish a new program which aimed at empowering youth to fulfill their potential through business and professional development after conducting a survey to women and youth. Through her tenacity and determination, balancing her time between studies and working part-time for Shule Direct, the program has now grown to be Ndoto hub, a space for young women entrepreneurs to access knowledge for personal and business development. Tully’s dream is to expand the program to impact many youth and women in Africa.

Through her work she has been invited to speak on various youth and women economic issues on international conferences. Tully is a writer who articulates various lessons and experience to inspire and motivate other young people.