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Wednesday, December 04 · 2:00pm - 3:30pm



This session will showcase women led data driven innovations with huge potential for economic and social progress, with varying effects on different communities and businesses. The panel will discuss how women led data-driven innovations takes place when different technologies and techniques are used to “define and capture” relevant data and then process and analyze it in order to generate innovative outputs in several innovation-related areas:

  1. - Enhancing research and development (data-driven R&D)
  2. - Developing new products (goods and services) by using data either as a product (data products) or as a major       component of a product (data-intensive products);
  3. - Optimizing production or delivery processes (data-driven processes);
  4. - Improving marketing by providing targeted advertisements and personalized recommendations (data-driven           marketing)
  5. - Developing new organizational and management approaches or significantly improving existing practices (data-     driven organization)

Mzizima Hall , UDSM College of Information and Communication Technologies, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Women in Data Science


Anitha Martine

Jamii Dashbodi

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  • Dec 04 - Dec 06, 2019
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