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Friday, December 06 · 1:40pm - 3:00pm



This session will look Data-driven innovation which entails usage of different kinds of data in the innovation process to create value The emerging trend of big data-driven innovation is leading to the development of data-driven goods and services and can enable data-driven planning, data-driven marketing, and data-driven operations across all industrial sectors and domains. From the economic perspective, data as a non-rivalrous good or commons such as oil serves an infrastructural resource (from a functional perspective) that could be exploited simultaneously by many users or actors for different competing or complementary ends. Data-driven innovation has the potential to impact all sectors of the economy. However, to realize these, potential policymakers need to develop coherent policies for the use of data. This could be achieved by:

  1. - Supporting education that focuses on data science skills,
  2. - Removing the barriers to create a digital single market,
  3. - Stimulating the necessary investment environment needed for big data technology,
  4. - Making public data accessible through open data and removing data silos,
  5. - Providing competitive technical infrastructure, and
  6. - Promoting balanced legislation, and at the same time, policy must address issues such as privacy and security,     ownership and transfer, and infrastructure and data civics

Kilimanjaro Hall , UDSM College of Information and Communication Technologies, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Optimization of Citizen Generated Data

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  • Dec 04 - Dec 06, 2019
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