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Thursday, December 05 · 3:30pm - 5:00pm



This session will commence with a keynote presentation which will highlight a general overview of innovation then streamline on how innovation has created giant new industries and transformed nearly every field of human endeavor, from the arts and health care to education and government. Many people probably associate the term “innovation” with game-changing disruptions of existing industries or the creation of new industries, like the way iTunes helped create a whole new way to sell and distribute music. But research suggests that these high-impact, dramatic innovations are relatively rare. Though worthy of pursuit, they’re very difficult to achieve. What’s more common is “continuous innovation.” Continuous innovation consists of smaller, more frequent innovations. These lead to smaller gains, but more reliably advance a company or organization over time. Consider the way iTunes later added movies, television, and other media. Focusing on continuous innovation has significant advantages over concentrating solely on the big, disruptive innovations. Continuous innovation involves:

Strengthens an organization’s “innovation muscles.” Simply put, it builds an organization’s capacity to carry out innovation.

Moves forward as an organization. By placing a series of smaller bets on continuous innovation, a business can more reliably make progress in growing market share, developing new products and services, and finding ways to be more efficient.

Build momentum toward disruptive innovation. Finally, continuous innovation can provide the stepping stones that lead—at least sometimes—to those industry-shaking disruptions that so many companies aspire towards.

Auditorium , UDSM College of Information and Communication Technologies, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Carol Ndosi

Launchpad Tanzania

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