Fatma Fernandes

Quincewood Group Limited
Director of Business

Fatma is the founder of Quincewood Group Limited, a tech company headquartered in Tanzania, who for the past 8 years have successfully delivered mobile campaign solutions to organisations within the public, private and NGO sectors.

Fatma’s experience has been gleaned from working with some of the world’s most disruptive and innovative companies, this coupled with her academic background in international relations and management has fuelled her passion for” inclusive growth” with a focus on the key areas of agriculture, women and health.

A strong area of focus for Fatma has been in agriculture and she strongly believes that rural development and agricultural transformation is necessary. This is why Quincewood provides their clients with innovative technology-driven tools which enable them to efficiently communicate with their target audiences.

With a grant from AGRA and Mastercard Foundation, the Quincewood Group developed an e-verification system that is multipurpose in the agriculture value chain. Currently, the platform has reached more than 200,000 farmers, out of which 45,000 farmers have been able to verify their seeds.

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